Make the most of your organic sales.

Marketing and Merchandising Resources

Conventional marketing wisdom says that the best efforts for increasing sales do not necessarily come from trying to reach new customers, as much as from trying to acquire more sales from existing customers. This makes sense when we understand that existing customers already come to your store.
To this end, one of the most powerful marketing and merchandising tools for increasing in-store purchases from exisitng customers, is running specials on key produce items. It not only enhances the price image of your produce department, but it enhances the overall price image of organic foods.
To help with this marketing/merchandising effort, we have provided original signage that can be used to promote any of the Purity Organic brand organic products that you wish to place on special. The signs display a QR Code that when scanned by a customer (using their smartphone) will provide them with valuable consumer information about the product - how to select the item, nutritional information, and recipes. You can download the signs here, print them out (or take them to a printer for a more professional look) and create a very dynamic and effective promotions strategy, featuring key seasonal organic items.